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Electronic auction and sales systems

  • Local auction rooms.
  • Online auctions via Internet.
  • Integration of local and online sale.
  • Modalities: downward bidding, upward bidding, in advance in closed envelope, mixed.

The system covers the whole process and is scalable. It enables the modules to install to be configured, with the possibility of future enlargement.

  • Unloading. Classification, weighing and labelling of the product.
  • Static or dynamic weighing with conveyer belts.
  • Weighing and classification on board.
  • Management of sales turns.
  • Publication of sales catalogue (e-mail, web).
  • Auction by show, with mobile panel, with conveyer belts.
  • Control and traceability through barcode and/or by RFID.
  • Wireless purchaser control via radio, infrared, wi-fi with personal computer, wi-fi with mobile phone.
  • Final labelling with automatic self-adhesive label placer or by automatic deposition in the inside of the box.
  • Warning system by voice synthesiser.
  • Self-service terminals to obtain lists and documents.
  • System of informative screens (unloading, prices, turns...).
  • Interactive website.
  • Participation of remote purchasers, via internet, in competition with local purchasers.
  • Admission of programmed purchasing orders (closed envelope bids).