AUTMOTE is an application for iOS or Android devices that allows it to act as a remote terminal, sending commands and receiving messages from a server. Is highly configurable and flexible, and can be used in many applications.

Communication with the PC is done via an existing wireless network.

A driver is available, which provides communication between the smartphone and the PC application.

There may be several drivers on the same network (on one computer can not run simultaneously more than one driver), from different applications.

More information about the driver on his page.

The user can implement its own application and connect to the device.

The features of this first version are:

  • Allows to connect to one of the many drivers that may be in the network.
  • A button to transmit a command to the PC.
  • Up to 5 switches to specify the type of command that will be transmitted by pressing the button.
  • Reception of individualized messages for each device.
  • Reception of general messages for all devices connected to the same driver.
  • Election of the button labels.

There are several applications for this app, available for download:

  • (Download) Command buyer for auctions.
  • (Download) Trivia game with questions and multiple choice answers.
  • (Download) Shooter game.

The following images show some screenshots of the application: